Spam Email Leads to Ad-hoc CEO Group

Being a CEO has been described as a very lonely job.  Today it was made a little less lonely.  And it started with a SPAM email from someone named pkiya pooja with the inoculate title of “Have a nice day”.

Whoever pakiya is, he/she must be a very good spammer because as you can see, Google labeled this message as “important”.

The message had about 200 recipients, all of whom were CEOs of VC funded and fairly successful startups.

And it didn’t take long for us to start talking to each other.   As of this evening there have been 20 responses, although the original message originator our friend pooja has been taken off the thread.

The discussion has ranged from trying to decode the message (thinking that we are getting initiated into a secret circle) to an offer of a coveted “Ruby on Rails” developer who was leaving one of the companies and needed a new home (you can almost hear the CEOs drooling).    But my favorite were the 15 or so “If you are ever in _______ (America, Canada, Australia or even Europe), be sure to let me know and let’s meet up for _____ (usually a beer, but there were also offers of places to work or crash)”.

We eventually concluded that someone had scraped our names from Crunchbase, but we never figured out why the cryptic message.

Some of the CEOs may have found all this annoying, but you can always press “m” in gmail to mute the conversation and not have it appear in their inbox.  But for me, it was good timing, and a good reminder that there are lots of other people working really hard every day to try and change the world.  And being a CEO doesn’t have to always be a lonely job.

  • Ian Crosby

    Awesome 😀

  • Todd Greene

    Feeling the love as one of the original 200 🙂

  • Holly Hamann

    Funny how sometimes the very words we need to hear come from the most unlikely sources. Glad it made your day.

  • Elizabeth Lawler

    Thanks for commemorating this exchange. So proud to be on the list. If you are in Boston, definitely would like
    to connect.

  • nwenzel

    My first thought on receiving the email was, “how did this make it through the spam filter?” Could be interesting to reverse engineer the google spam filter hack.

  • Timothy Bernard Jones

    Good to be on the list…heck there’s a company idea in here somewhere…

  • Susan Hunt Stevens

    I love that this was immortalized in a blog post. These emails have made me smile all day.

  • Clement Cazalot

    Hahaha this is fun indeed. First time that there is something good about being spammed!

  • Jay Parmar

    Great list – fun to be a part of.